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Subscription-based property maintenance

With a PayOnce membership, landlords and property managers save time and money. No more expensive surprises and no more quotes to chase or review. 

Choose Your Membership

Select the option that's right for you. Our Premium membership covers your property from A to Z - from plumbing to electrical and smoke alarms to tiling, it's our full service option. Or choose our Standard package which provides a value option for properties with lower maintenance needs.

unlimited callout services

Your PayOnce membership covers 100% of the labour fees associated with a call out. Simply purchase a 12-month membership package with annual or monthly payments and we will look after your property all year round with our team of qualified trades and handymen. No sweat.

No More Bill Shock

Our professional team of handymen and trades can handle any maintenance big or small. Our team will simply assess the repair and get it organised. If any additional goods, materials or equipment are required we'll itemise them for your approval before we go ahead.

how it works

Our property maintenance Services

No matter your property type, we can help you with any type of door and window repairs.
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All types of outdoor property maintenance services, from big jobs to small.
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Rental property smoke alarm testing and maintenance, for your peace of mind.
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High pressure cleaning to blast away years of dirt from your rental property in minutes.
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Gutter cleaning to ensure your property stays clean, dry and safe in all seasons.
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Keep your property's kitchen in tip top condition with regular maintenance.
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Keep your property safe and secure with our lock and screen maintenance services.
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Payonce offers a complete professional tiling service that includes repair, installation and re-grouting.
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Cracked, peeling or faded paintwork is one of the first things renters notice about a poorly maintained property.
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Payonce Saves You time, money and effort.

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